An Foclóir Beag


The development of Irish language tools through the media has improved the learning of the language immensely. With the use of online dictionary’s and downloadable spell checkers available at the touch of a button, we are now able to expand our knowledge of our native tongue. One major resource I avail of as a student studying the Irish language is the online grammar dictionary An Foclóir Beag. This website contains all the verbs in the Irish language in every tense. As grammar is key to learning any language this site is extremely beneficial to anyone, old or young, trying to learn the language. Using the website is an easy process also. Once you are on the homepage of the site you can input the verb you are looking for into the search bar and press the button ‘cuardaigh’. You will then be redirected to the page containing the verb. Here you will be provided with information on that particular verb such as every tense of the verb. You will also be giving the option to click into another page, which will provide the verb in the negative form. The site has hundreds of verbs and is an extremely useful tool for anyone involved in the language. The development of these media resources and the way in which they can be accessed at our leisure in turn helps to develop and promote the Irish language and encourages it to continue to grow.


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